Why we started HackerLeads PHP

Being PHP freelance developers ourselves, one of the hardest things about the business is getting a consistent flow of good, high quality contract work. While extensively spending time online to find these freelancing opportunities is an option, we decided to build a service – HackerLeads – specifically for PHP Developers to email them 50 – 70 well-paid, remote freelancing work right to their inbox each month, twice a week. Even with a full time job, every PHP Developer deserves some extra income by utilizing the skills they already know.

In addition, we pride ourselves for enabling a lot of PHP developers in their ability of being digital nomads. One of the greatest things about the web dev / mobile dev business is that one can travel and work at the same time – a privilege that most occupations do not offer. We’ve heard numerous stories from developers around the world who are traveling and coding at the same time, and their biggest pain point is the consistent flow of contract work. We want HackerLeads to be the service that eliminates that hassle.

How are we different from all of the freelancing sites? Quality. People do pay for quality, and that’s exactly what our service is all about. Too many times, these sites are filled with contracts that have vague job descriptions, little pay or irresponsive project managers that lead to horrible conversion rates. Not to mention that you would be competing with thousands – if not tens of thousands – for a single contract, and most of the employers are barraged with hundreds of form emails from low-cost providers located in different parts of the world. We all understand that employers care about quality when it comes to choosing a developer, and it’s the same for developers who need high quality contracts that actually convert without committing too much time. HackerLeads solves that problem by optimizing the number of recipients per batch of leads we send out, thus lowering competition and increasing conversion for our customers.

We are still continually trying to improve our service, and if you have tried or are trying our service, please please please let us know on how we could improve. If you have not tried our service, you can try our 10 day free trial for our professional version or subscribe to our amateur version for free. If this is not your type of thing, you can always cancel (please send us some feedback though!).

Hope to see this business as a tool that many PHP developers will never stop using. We definitely won’t stop improving until that statement is set in stone.


Team HackerLeads